Bridge #4: Final Research Project

Making this piece was quite a journey. Since it was my first time using the techniques I used, there was a lot of trials and learning until I got to the final stage of it. The experience was all worth it, and I am very satisfied with the results I got.

What, to me, is successful about the piece it’s how it can be precise when assuming the character of commenting on the information on my paper. And even though the artwork was made based on a specific quote I took from my research, I think it’s independent, and it doesn’t require further information in order to be experienced.

Some of the challenges that came up when I was making this piece were trying to find the best way to work with written text and how to make it visually interesting. I wanted to work with printmaking since the beginning when I decided to work with words and symbolic imagery. But there was a stage of the making process that I thought it could be interesting to do something completely different from what I was planning; for this, I would abandon the visual poetic that I planned and have the words written as a museum/gallery plaque. I do think that this could’ve been a great idea if it was well executed, but as it distanced too much from what I like and my lineage, I decided to switch back to printmaking.

I wanted to make the piece somehow connected to my aesthetic lineage because I think I’d feel more involved in the process. For this reason, I decided to use a picture of one of my sculptures as a stencil for the print, and it turned out impressively well for my first time making a big stencil

Whenever I get really involved in the process of making a piece of art, I make unconscious choices that reveal themselves later; I’m always sure that after the piece is done, it will say or teach me something, as a sign. This time was no different; after some reflection, I remembered that the sculpture of the hand (that the stencil for the print was based on) is what I made for my Parsons challenge, it was the most important piece of my application portfolio. I think the fact of it coincidentally being represented in the last project of my freshmen year, makes it a full cycle. Noticing this made me reflect a lot on my first year of this fantastic learning experience, where I learned to believe in my ‘idea(s)’.

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