Time – Final Project

For this project, we were assigned to create a website that would work as a guide through a specific location and it is supposed to change the way we experience this physical location.

I created a game that is based on a walk through Stuytown. I chose this location because I found interesting how all buildings look the same, and the map is almost perfectly symmetrical, so the walk consists in two different paths, that that is essentially the same, but reversed (check map photos). Each path id according to the specific time of the day that you’re experiencing the walk. With the help of the route maps, I challenge the player to try to find in the physical location, the buildings depicted in the pictures.

  • Website: http://danielghill.com/parsons/student-projects/time-19sp/vilar/final-project/
  • Site-map/storyboard:


  • Design Sketches:


  • Physical Location Map: StuyTown





On my opinion I did a great job in this project. I was first really scared because I didn’t really saw a reason to learn HTML and I didn’t feel really compelled to do it. And I wasn’t expecting to have a really great outcome since it is a project the allows little creative freedom. It turned out that HTML wasn’t that hard and I learned a lot from the project.


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