This is an image I took of my friends two summers ago at the side of a cumberland farms gas station but the photos says a lot more than just that. It captures the fun carefree energy of youth. It tells a story of these four teenagers and a dog on a summer day in a boring town trying to make it a little more fun. The outfits are silly and the drinks are colorful. Compositionally the photo is very strong in my opinion. I chose to shoot this vertically to add frame and a more context of environment to the photo. Some people have said Ben why don’t you crop it to just the people but I don’t think these characters stand out as much and make it as strong as an image without the blank space, the roofing to the left, and the wires to the right. I’m not sure how to perfectly explain this and I wish I could but I just like it this way. The characters lined up against the wall as the dog is stepping towards me all looking at the camera. The pavement spits up the photo well too with the contrast of the wall and the ground along with the little red hints of brick in the wall bring you in to the people. I really like this photo and think its one of the best I’ve ever taken.

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