Why do clothes matter? This projects seeks to understand and explore anti-fashion through my photography. Anti fashion is a term that describes going against the norm of glamour and standards of luxury. At the center of this idea is an intellectual approach to fashion where clothes have meaning. For this project I will be researching anti fashion designers to better understand this concept to sharper my work. I will use the work of raf simons, the antwerp six, and many more as case studies so as to immerse in these ideals. Through the years I have been collecting vintage and designer clothing and styling them on my friends for my photography. I have used this to express many different ideas before but in the past year I’ve gotten much more into the actual clothing itself and every detail of it. My photos have always been using my clothes but with this project I want to put more emphasis on the why and figure it out. I’m going to shoot a series of portraits and self portraits that reflect these ideas and display them on a scrolling website with photos and text. I want to use the website format for its accessibility because most clothes are not. I am very into the process of my work and letting it lead me. Personal identity is a microcosm of individual human experiences. This project explores identity as well as why an item of clothing can say so much and have so much intellectual weight through fabrics, stitching, patterns, and other minimal details.

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