Ben Knight

Bridge 3

Why do clothes matter? Why do they have meaning? In this paper I want to look into anti fashion designers and why they’re important. Anti fashion is a term that describes going against the norm of glamour and standards of luxury. At the center of this idea is an intellectual approach to fashion where clothes have meaning. For this project I will be researching anti fashion designers like Raf Simons, Maison Margiela, and more to better understand this concept. These clothes are very collectible just like art and I want to research why. This paper explores why an item of clothing can say so much and have so much intellectual weight through fabrics, stitching, patterns, and other minimal details.

This paper is interesting to me because I love these clothes so much and collect them myself and see it as the highest form of art there is but I honestly don’t know why or how they are thought out. I’m very fixated on it. Clothes is all I think about. Through the years I have been collecting vintage and designer clothing and styling them on my friends for my photography. I want this paper to show also how this idea of anti fashion is still present in new designers and that it is not just an idea of a golden age. I’m going to show how vintage clothes and the popularity of them also show this idea of anti fashion as well. I want to show the connection of these early designers going against the grain to new designers who don’t get the credit as well as the vintage clothing market.

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