concept paper

For my project I’m going to do a modern retelling of President William Henry Harrison. He ran for president as a populist who was strong, brave, and an everyday man. He won with an 80% population turnout which is still a record today. His inaugural speech was also the longest in history at two hours long. Since he ran his campaign on being strong and brave he thought it would be a good idea not to wear a coat for this 2 hour speech. He then got a cold that turned into ammonia and died a month after. I’m going to retell this through someone running for class president of this school. I’m thinking he runs on being the smartest in the class but then fails out of school. It’s going to start with an ad he puts out about himself. Next scene will be him passing out flyers at his school and people really supporting him. He wins and then quickly starts failing school and then fails out. This is a good equal comparison to the president and the video will be talking him too. It’s going to have text that cuts in about the president.

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