I really loved this installation video. It was such a weird but great way to make a commentary on the takeover of technology. It kept saying “I made the first public phone call” and had kaleidoscope like videos of the cell phone and then smaller pieces inside the phone until it was just a light show. Two phrases stuck out to me in the video. One was about we are becoming technology which is totally true its almost just as much a part of us as we are a part of it. The other phase that stuck out was we are becoming god. we meaning us and technology. Technology shapes and creates the world now just like “god” would have. He showed this with the shots of the streets with the cars and the lights. These were my favorite shots of the film. They were so beautiful. The repetition was like reminding you of how much we use technology and also how old it is. I really liked this show. The three screens and the mirrors really add to it.

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