Bridge 1 example post: 7 days of responding to Visual Culture

…this is a only a quick example of how you can analyze an image.  Please do not copy this example exactly. You may use it as as basic template, though, ultimately I expect you will develop your own style, pushing this idea much further.

Project: 7 days of responding to your collected images of Visual Culture based on your selected theme discussed in class 

Day 1: Alfred Eisenstaedt’s photograph known as “VJ Day” or “The Kiss” from August 14th, 1945.

I chose this image because it relates to my interest in the theme gender and possibly identity.  I find it a political image given the sailor just grabbed a nurse in Times Square and kissed her.  This makes me think of the current president of the U.S., Donald Trump, and the culture war underway #metoo

Here’s a wiki entry to signify my initial research. Normally wiki is not encouraged as a place to conduct research but given that this image’s popularity and how it’s been duplicated and re-iterated so many times it’s entered into a realm of kitsch I feel it’s appropriate.

Initial photograph by Eisenstaedt

The photo marked up using Photoshop to single out the formal aspects (elements & principles of art/design).

Visual Research can take many different turns, here are some additional images I’ve located that relate to Eisenstaedt famous photograph:


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