class 2 – 29 January

Class 2 –  29 January – Spring 2018: Visual Culture

Section: Inquiry

  1. Start the day watching John Baldessari video 
  2. Groups based on themes chosen: Review a few bridge 1 – 7 images (choose one fascinating project from each group and share) 
  3. Review part II of bridge 1 – what if: turn and talk to ensure understanding 
  4. Have student’s find a partner in their groups and their fellow students will write the “What If” questions for the image they’ve chosen on each other’s LP 
  5. Laylah Ali video on studio process Daniel Gordon
  6. Eve Sussman

Homework: due 2.5

From Bridge 1 part I: Print out two of your most interesting images that communicate the formal aesthetics from Bridge 1 part I. Make them approximately18” tall by 15” wide. You will hang them next to each other next week so we can see the conversation they create.

Bridge 1 Part II: What If?


  • Take one image from Bridge 1 part I and have someone in your group do the “what if” exercise considering a. the materiality, b. the content, c. the source. Make sure to answer the “what if” questions.
  • EXERCISE: Ask a series of what if questions regarding it’s…
  • 1. materiality: for example, if the image you chose is a drawing what happens if it’s changed to a gif, a painting, a video (and what would it look like?).
  • 2. question the image’s content: for example, the narrative, story, reference to art history, etc., i.e., what if the characters were from a different economic bracket? (Example: how might the image/artwork/object change if it was for a different economic bracket than the original?)
  • 3.  and, finally, question the source: for example, if the image originally came to you via your smartphone or laptop what would happen if you came upon it being acted out on the street by performers? What would that look like? Would that change the meaning based on how you experienced it? How so?


  • Next, find one new image to further refine your research and email your partner the image so they can ask “what if” questions. You may also want to ask your own “what if” questions. Based on the investigative “what if” questions, create a new visual response through a different media (for example, if it’s a film still, use drawing (if you replicate the film still and alter it make sure to change the scale so it’s not only a tracing from your laptop), or, gather some friends and re-create it using homemade costumes and turn it into a photograph…or a gif).  Ask yourself, what might the content (from your source image that you are responding to) have looked like immediately prior to the finished image/object/artwork? How might it have looked immediately after it was created/produced?

Required for the project: an LP post documenting your process as posted in Canvas.  Due – 2.6, 9am.

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