Class 5 –  26 February – pm class

Class 5 –  26 February – Spring 2018: Visual Culture – afternoon class

Section: Context + Investigation 

  1. Review the meaning of “context” in art & design
  2. Review of critique questions
  3. small group critiques
  4. Class share of critique of projects which stand out –  from memory
  5. Review homework 
  6. Liquid Graphite Demo
  7. If time, watch Louise Despont video


Due 5 March 9:00am

  1. completed final 2 diptychs where you continue to explore materials based on the feedback received from critique.
  2. LP post documenting your process and answering the following questions: 
  • start the post with your thesis topic as it stands now.
  • photo documentation of your diptychs in process and completed.
  • answer the questions which are posted in Canvas (copy and paste them into your LP)
  • add to your LP post the most interesting and helpful answers from the peer feedback form

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