Class 6 –  5 March – Spring 2018: Visual Culture – morning class

Class 6 –  5 March – Spring 2018: Visual Culture – morning class

Section: Context + Investigation 

  1. final 2 diptychs – research share: Critique Vocabulary Walk Around 
  2. Bridge III – taxonomy introduced: sizing photos in Photoshop, camera settings, research of museums and galleries


Due 7 March at midnight

  • New LP post for last 2 bridge II diptychs (see Canvas) make sure to include the notes from the in class exercise: Critique Vocabulary Walk Around

due 12 March

  1. Research and visit one or more locations that will allow you to gain a more in depth analysis of your contentLocations discussed/explored in class…museums, galleries, brick and mortar stores, any place but the internet. NO INTERNET! 🙂
  2. Collect 18 photographs and 18 drawings (scanned) of symbols, metaphors, visual references that relate to your topicYou do not have to have all of these by Monday the 12th. In fact, I encourage you to only have 1/3 or 1/2 only. The research does not need to be rushed.
  3. The images (photographs and drawings) you bring to class must be sized at 300 dpi in Photoshop and formatted as squares (demo’d in studio, and camera settings discussed in studio).
  4. 2 possible plans for how you want to lay out your images drawn in your sketchbook. Decide how you will organize the photos and the drawings. Consider composition…is it based on every other image being a drawing, a gradual shift between content, as a grid organized by color or value, as a narrative? How can the layout affect how the audience understands or reads your pictures?

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