Class 7 –  12 March – Spring 2018: Visual Culture – afternoon class

Class 7 –  12 March – Spring 2018: Visual Culture – afternoon class

Section: Signification + Relation; source materials and taxonomy related to an issue (Interpretation + Argument)

  1. InDesign taxonomy layout
  2. 20+ questions

Homework: due 18 March 11:59pm Deadline extended to 26 March, 3:50 pm.

Create a new LP post and follow these instructions:

Once you have collected your 36 images for your taxonomy, pick the 20 most interesting images and ask 1 to 3 questions about each one of these images. As we did in class, you may want to create a mind map for some of your images to help “open-up” the images in a way that helps you create questions. Submit via Canvas.  

Example questions:

1. If I’m to explore racial identity with paint what questions do I need to ask to find out how identity has been depicted in the history of figure painting?


2. If I’m going to investigate the role of color in photographs of major metropolitan areas, what do I need to ask about how the stories of cities have been told visually over time?


3. If I’m going to explore how doilies relate to gender what do I need to ask about this object’s history that will help me understand it in the context of gender, or other contexts that relate to gender?

due 26 March 3:50pm

36 images arranged in a grid and printed on the plotter, trimmed with a 1.75 inch boundary around the entire piece as set in InDesign. Bring push pins to hang your taxonomy.

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