Class 9 –  2 April – Spring 2018: Visual Culture – afternoon class

Class 9 –  2 April – Spring 2018: Visual Culture – afternoon class

Section: Connections

  1. Whitney Museum trip

Homework – due 9 April

  • Update your revised Final Studio Project Proposal IS2 and re-submit to canvas. Update your proposal based on the work you did in both studio (and, if it’s relevant, seminar). Make sure to include the mind map you made and any feedback you received from your fellow artists/designers.
  • Create a successful mock-up/prototype of your final project. If it doesn’t work it is not successful. This means you will probably need to make more then one iteration until it’s successful. This is first and foremost a materials test. When I say it must be successful I do not mean it must be perfect.
  • Whitney Museum Research Exercise – see handout for project details and post via Canvas

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