Class 10 –  9 April – Spring 2018: Visual Culture – morning class

Class 10 –  9 April – Spring 2018: Visual Culture – morning class

Section: Connections

  1. Prototype / mock-up peer review
  1. Whitney trip review

Homework – due 9 April @ 11:59pm

Update your LP post titled, “Final Studio Project Proposal IS2” and submit to canvas.

  • Update your proposal with pictures of your mock-up / prototype you did for studio on Monday, 9 April. Remember, this is a form of investigative research. You are investigating mediums/materials and how your content will be visually or otherwise conveyed based on your proposal idea. 
  • Write a paragraph explaining what is working with your mock-up/prototype and what is not working. Explain what you will do to fix what is not working. Include any feedback you received that was helpful from your classmates. 
  • Write a short paragraph describing what you will bring to our next class
  • Submit this in canvas


due 16 April – 9am

  • Final iteration of your mock-up/prototype. This version is more refined than what you created for April 9th. You have learned enough from creating your mock-up/prototype to begin your final project. See Canvas (on 10 April) for specific LP post guidelines (I WILL SEND AN EMAIL REMINDING YOU TO LOOK).)
  • Whitney Museum Research Exercise – see handout for project details and post via Canvas

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