Class 13 –  30 April – Spring 2018: Visual Culture – morning class

Class 13 –  30 April – Spring 2018: Visual Culture – morning class

Section: Connections

  1. Final Presentations – an introduction (completed in Seminar)
  2. Class Photo for the Final Presentation 
  3. Rubric review of final project
  4. Review of homework LP post update
  5. Google Doc for final project including special set up/installation  instructions 
  6. Luolin’s final feedback critique
  7. Final Project work time
  8. If needed, one on one meetings with Bryan
  9. Next week, 7 May, will be our final critique – come prepared with everything needed to present your work

Homework – Due 30 April @ 11:59pm  – 50 points

Update your Final Project IS2 – Visual Culture LP post. Submit via canvas. Include the following update:

  • Updated project photos (or video, etc.)
  • A brief explanation about what you completed on your final project during the week between classes…what did you encounter along the way? Was it successful or did you discover something that requires more attention or detail, etc.? Did something fail and require you to try something different…if so, what happened and what did you learn?
  • Explain any new research you’ve done since our April 23rd class and your research plans for the upcoming week. This includes materials you are researching, artists you are researching, etc.
  • Continued Time Estimate: write an explanation of what you will complete for next class and write how long you think it will take you to do it. 

Due 7 May 

Come as close as possible to completing your final project: come to class ready for your final feedback critique!

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