Class 14 – 7 May – Spring 2018: Visual Culture – morning

Class 14 –  7 May – Spring 2018: Visual Culture – morning

Section: Connections

  1. Class overview and homework review 
  2. Google Doc reminder for final project including special set up/installation instructions 
  3. Review of homework LP post update 
  4. Class Evaluations
  5. Learning Portfolio Up-keep 
  6. Visual Culture refresher
  7. Final Critique (new groups assigned) 
  8. If time, one on one end of semester meetings with Bryan

**Dora and I will announce the official order of presentations Wednesday night

Homework – Due 7 May @ 11:59pm  – 50 points

Update your Final Project IS2 – Visual Culture LP post. Submit via canvas. Include the following update:

  • Updated project photos (or video, etc.)
  • A brief explanation about what you completed on your final project during the week between classes.
  • Did your project change and go in a new direction? If so what direction did it go in?
  • Did something fail or not work and require you to try something different? If so, what happened? What did you need to do to overcome the challenge?
  • What new research have you done since our April 30th class?
  • What, if any, new research will you be doing to complete your project by our final class, 14 May? (This includes materials you are researching, artists you are researching, etc.)
  • Continued Time Estimate: write an explanation of what you will complete for next class and write how long you think it will take you to do it. 

Due: 14 May 

Final projects completed and presentation ready.

*If you are hanging your work make sure to bring the necessary tools on the 14th of May to properly hang it.

If you are putting your artwork on a table or elsewhere make sure to consider that space…do you need a piece of fabric or something to formalize the space for the artwork? Perhaps you feel nothing is needed, that too is fine.

Learning Portfolio will be reviewed and graded on Tuesday, 15 May – make sure you have a featured image, all posts categorized and add tags! Here’s a link to the handout I gave you in class. 

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