The Routine


The daily routine. Wake up, get ready, go to class, eat, work, dream, repeat. A look into a day in my life, a first year college student. The assignment was to make a list of everything we did in a day and then to build on sensations and emotions from that routine. I decided to make a visual timeline with drawings and physical elements that created feelings and emotions for each panel.

Each panel had an “embellishment” of some sort, whether it was digital drawings, relief, or actual 3D objects stuck to the surface. For panel 1, I sewed and stuffed a small pillow and painted white stripes. Panel 2 and 3 have things sticking out and away from the photo, such as wire or paper. All panels figure some type of digital drawing, some are simple straight lines while others have patterns.

The photos were taken individually and then pieced together to create the half-and-half look. Taking the pieced together photos, I drew on them digitally through Photoshop on the large computers on the 10th floor. Then, they were printed on the plotter, cut, and 3D manipulated.

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