Circle Line Reflection

Circle Line Boat tour

These photos are some typical views that tourists take. The Manhattan Bridge is beautiful and the boat offers a different perspective. I liked looking at the Financial District, all the tall skyscrapers and closeness of the city. And what would NYC be without its famous Statue of Liberty?

As we enter Newtown Creek, it seems like a totally different, and kind of ignored/tucked away piece of New York. It was cool to listen about all the systems and buildings that operated here, because otherwise, most people don’t know about these machines. For example, the egg-like machines suck out all water from the sludge, so what’s left can be used as compost or is put into landfill.

I think more people need to realize that New York City has superfund sites and to create more awareness around where our trash is going. Walking through the streets, there is a ton of trash littered on the side, and some goes down the drains and overflow elsewhere. In homes, some don’t properly recycle or dispose of waste. All of this might disappear from our eyes, but they end up somewhere else.

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