Studio: Memory 10/2/17

The Studio class graphic novel was due today.

I unfortunately did not finish it, I think I took on more than I can manage and last minute surprises only set me further back. I had a little trouble coming up with an idea, since I have a huge memory gap from age 3 to about 10, where it is hard for me to remember anything even with pictures.

So after going around and asking people I’ve traveled with for “shared memories”, some of which I can remember and others having to think really hard about, I made a list. After editing that list, I eventually arrived at what was going to be 34 pages. And after editing even more, especially with all the drawing and story, I ended up with 30 drawings.

Time management wise, I felt like I was able to handle it all, with a schedule planned out as well. After getting all the drawings done and scanned, I ran into the unfortunate surprise of adding text and how much time it took. In the end, I was unable to finish, which I panicked and had a small breakdown. But all in all, Noel was understanding in giving me an extension.

Below are the final drawings and the inking, just without the text.



I finally finished the project on Wednesday. After adding the text on all the pages, I printed the book in the graphics lab and then stapled it with the long staplers.

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