Reflecting on the UN

One design I learned about as a result of the UN trip is Denmark’s investment in green technologies in developing countries. I learned that Denmark is one of the leading developed countries focused on and dedicated to helping developing countries with their economies by investing in renewable energy. So not only does this stimulate economic growth in developing countries, but also a path to renewable energy from the start. An improvement would be to have more countries follow the footsteps of Denmark and investing in green technology in developing countries as well. Also, Denmark could also focus on educating and teaching the local people how to continue the green efforts even after Denmark finishes.


One policy idea that inspired me is the biking culture in Denmark and how Denmark noted that in order to survive, they needed to come up with solutions in order to continue to grow as a society. I thought that this was a very inspiring outlook for a country, to be so motivated to set out to create a better and more innovative society. I think the biking culture Denmark created was very smart and helpful in keeping a clean, green agenda. Now Denmark has one of the highest rates of biking in the world.


One fact that motivated me was Denmark’s and the Faroe Island’s commitment to help reduce waste in the fashion industry. The Faroe Islands commented on locally sourcing production and adapting new materials such as algae fabric, where it is naturally renewable. Denmark as well talked about focusing on internalizing a lot of costs and keeping production within its borders, which would cut down on fossil fuel emissions. I think with fashion rapidly destroying the earth, these initiatives will help reduce the overall environmental impact.

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