.07 Pentel Mechanical Pencil Package


Project Overview: Based upon the product you brought in for the first day of class, create product-specific packaging that effectively demonstrates what is contained inside your packaging from the exterior of the packaging through the use of typography, color and imagery.

I brought in my mechanical pencil that has exchangeable eraser refills. I believe this is a well designed product, as it has the pros of a mechanical pencil (not having to always sharpen, a promised fine point) with the added addition of changeable erasers. Some mechanical pencils refill the lead through the eraser opening, but because this one allows you to change the eraser when it gets low, the lead refills in the middle of the pencil. I always carry this pencil with me to class so I decided to design a package that could be used to both sell the pencil initially and also be kept as a pencil case for future use, as it is both durable and appealing in design.


Sketch and Illustrator files:



Finished Package:


Process: I laser cut all the pieces individually, cutting out the .07 on the front and engraving the words on the inside flap. Afterwards, I took gray paint and coated the inside flap to paint the engraved letters so they were more legible, wiping away the excess from the surface. I glued the inside box, which holds the actual pencil, together first, constructing the inner box. Then, I glued the sides of the box to each flap, flipped the box over, and used black tape to connect the bottom with the sides of the box to create a workable hinge.




Video: shows box mechanism and opening/closing





If I had more time, or could redesign, I would like to find a way to be able to hinge the flaps without using tape, as it cheapens the sleek and modern design. Overall, I am content with how this turned out.

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