Seminar Bridge #4: Final Research Paper Reflection

Bridge #4: Final Research Paper

This research paper was a very long process. It definitely helped to start in the beginning of the year, to start thinking about interesting topics and then narrowing it down. I thought it was a good idea to create a “visual” map of what we wanted to focus on because this way, you can start to explore and find out if it is substantial enough to support. For me, I liked having the research tables at the end, when you need to find information, because you did the work ahead of time already. I also thought it was helpful to go to the ULC, because they really help you narrow down your thesis, help you edit, and give tips on how to write and what you should include.

One challenge was getting used to Chicago Manual Style because in high school and earlier, we were using MLA format. Another challenging part was finding the motivation to write the paper. The topic is interesting to me, it was just towards the end, I felt like I lost steam. It turned out okay because most of the writing was done before, and it was mostly just editing left. It feels good to have everything done and behind me.

Overall, I found this topic very interesting and it is relevant in today’s society. Now that we are moving towards a more open and accepting society, people have more freedom to choose how to express themselves, but this doesn’t mean all hatred, controversy, or outcasting have disappeared. It is important to understand how our society is programmed to view gender and sex starting from a young age, and with the clothes we wear. I believe that fashion is moving towards a more unisex style, so it is relevant and important for me to understand this topic from the roots. In relation to Studio, we have designed a unisex collection out of sustainable, zero waste fashion to help the homeless community. You need a conscious mind and learn to design for everyone, and the fashion industry can learn to be more inclusive.


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  1. Harvest Henderson · May 5, 2018 Reply

    Thank you for all your hard work on this, and the thoughtful reflection here! hh

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