6 Avataric Self Portraits

In my 6 portraits, I am trying to demonstrate the paths of Chinese behind the change of their looks as the time passed. Since society is always developing in both horizontal and vertical directions, therefore, I captured the images of 2 groups of Chinese in the same period of time to demonstrate the horizontal development of China’s Society.

Past: In the first image, my character is one of the first generation immigrants. She feels the sense of loss, homesick, and lots of complicated emotions. However, she does have the wealth carry with her. In contrast, the character in the second image is a girl who grew up under the “communist wind,” where everyone supposes to be equal. It’s very obvious that the material at that period of time in China is deprecated.

Present: The third image demonstrates a popular dressing style in China since the Chinese economic reform– Hongkong style. Beginning from that time, China started to shift from pure communism to free market. As the consequences, it brought a more open and unbridled vibe into young people’s dressing style, especially around the coastal cities and southern part of China. And for anther image, it also demonstrates a very popular style — Korean Style in China. For a long period of time, even until now, Korean beauty standard still heavily influences Chinese beauty standard. It shows the cultural invasion of Korea.

Future: Since Communism so far, still, not a country achieve the theoretic goal. Therefore, the future of China and the Chinese are still a myth. As the result, for the first image, I create a fiercely look, which indicates the great future of the country. On contrast, I create an image of people in poverty which implies the idea of communism is just an unrealistic dream. It’s a loop. Poverty, short stage of peace and harmony, and conflict are going to repeat themselves over and over again.




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