MOMA Observation LP Assignment

The room and the figure that covered with cloth, reminds of China in the 1970s, at that time, people only allowed to have one relationship before marriage even though that was not the law. The relationship between Men and Women were valuable and very intense and sensitive. These two figures are falling in love at a wrong time and a wrong place.

From subjective view, the composition of this painting, however; is a little bit confusing. The perspective of the back walls are off balance, giving the impression that the figures are tall enough to reach the celling. The off balance proportion somehow delivers the message that the two figures are  floating on the air to me. It might hints the unstable of this secret/forbidden relationship. On the other hand, the use of cloth can be consider as a symbolism of underground relationships. It serves as a cover, a mask, a shield that hides behind the society.

I really like the iteration of the dark grey in the background, the nuance of the grey created a senses of limitation and isolation of two figures.

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