Bridge 1 – Self(ie) as Avatar: past, present and future identity exploration

In this project, I try to demonstrate the path of China during the recent decades, as well as demonstrate the development of my family. At first, my project only focused on the path of China, however, after combining it with seminar class, I started to think of the meaning of my family in these collages I made. As I watched it again and again, I realized that these are not only the path of my country, also the path of my family. As a result, I started to make it more personally and intimately. After finishing this project, I, for the first time truly realize the enormous change in China and in my family. I start to think of the mystery of fate. What would happen if China didn’t reform and opening to the world? What would happen if my parents didn’t move to Shenzhen? Will I still be me? Besides that, I enhance my Photoshop skills. I think the most successful part of my project is my picture taking. In order to really capture the vibe of China at a certain period, and how the Chinese changed as the time go by, I dressed in a total of 6 different styles to get the most accurate generation I want to capture. The challenge I had was when I tried to decide how the future is going to look like. It was challenging because the future is an unpredictable thing. It’s hard to make an assumption of things which I have no idea of. If I did this project again, I would change the theme actually. I think right now, due to the fact that the theme is so big, it tends more towards the political discussion. Therefore, if we can do it again, I would like to try a more personal theme so that I can totally focus on the idea of self.

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