China has enormous transformations from the 80s till now. The shift towards free markets is the most obvious one. This period was the youth of my parents, also was the decades of China’s reform and opening to the world since Deng Xiaoping initiated the opening-up policy. It was the decade for pioneer and the brave. My parents caught the opportunity, changed the financial status of my family, which later change my fate. The way I dress in the collage represents how this policy opens the gateway for new culture. People started to embrace western culture and the spirit of freedom. The handshake image of Deng Xiaoping represents the beginning of the free market, so does the model of the stock. Though the future looks bright right now, this action actually damages the identity of China. What are we? Socialism or Capitalism? Therefore, the background image of Chairman Mao dressed as Marilyn Monroe, and the chairs that look like cats but they’re not, all are the mockeries towards China’s statues at nowadays.

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