This collage—future, represents the decades of mine, and it’s a demonstration of my anxieties and my worries towards the future—a super chaos decade. A decade that we are able to understand how weak, helpless, and meaningless we actually are. We live in a decade where we know no only ourselves—three dimensions……Scientists have given the theories of the existence of up to 12-dimension. We are able to foresee the end of our world. We still have conflicts between the human race every single second. However, even though we know all these brutal facts, we still have to live every second of our lives decently but meaningless. We still gave to complete our live cycles as an ordinary being despite the fact that all these will become meaningless at the end. Therefore, in this collage, my twisted face indicates my frustration and my anxiety. My body is being put together hints that I have no control over my fate—I have to keep moving no matter what. The blue and green tone of Chairman Mao hints that this is a sicked era. The black hole represents unknown future, the universe. Footsteps mean no clue; exploration implies the potential of world war 3, as well as conflicts in daily. Last but not least, the two gates mean challenges from both western and eastern. It also hints the nominal existence of the defence.

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