In this project, I demonstrate the path of China at three different stages throughout my collages. Each collage has a specific indication of a period in China. In addition to that, it also hints the three generations in my family—my grandparents, my parents, and I.

It was the year around the 1960s, and China was under the influence of “communism wind.” Under the leading of Chairman Mao, the Chinese shared the same beliefs—fear neither hardship nor death. Though the material in China was deprived, the power of faith was strong enough for people to only look for hope instead of the darkness at that time. Me, play the role of my grandmother when she was at my age. The position of Chairman Mao reveals the power of him, also indicates the people in China trusted his leading, and the slogans of a bright future, blindly. Tomato states the material deprivation; the sun and rays hints the bright future.

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