Process of mask

In this project, we are asked to create a mask for our peer that reflects parts of who they are. After getting know of Irene, I know that she is the kind of person that behave the same inside and outside, which means she will never do slander. Later, she expressed her strong despise of people who judge others behind their backs no matter under what circumstance. She said that it was the wrong thing to do. After gathering all the information, I decided to do a mask which stands for mockery towards calumniator for her so that this can help her to show her statement. I eventually decided to take the elements from the Met trip. I was inspired by masks that were using animals features as the face.

My brainstorm started with double faces, one is overlying another. Later, I decided to place the faces of two animals’ faces to enlarge the symbol. The top one is a face of a sheep, which stands for sweet and harmless. The bottom one is a face of a bird. The beak implies the meaning of attacking, as well as the big tusks I put in it later so that the message can be delivered more direct and accurate. Last but not least, I added a Pinocchio nose to it, which stands for the sheep is a liar. The color of the mask I haven’t decided yet. However, I will put feathers in the beak back to the throat as a symbol that rumors will eventually stab back to the calumniator.

After finishing painting, I realized that adding a nose will be too much for my mask, therefore, I canceled that plan. And then for the rest of the mask, I followed my original plan and finished it.




I believe the most successful part of my project was the concept, as well as the structure of my mask. It well delivers a portion of Irene’s personality. Also, it’s absurd. Because of I enjoy the idea of the mask, the making process became an enjoyment to me. However, during the process, I had the challenge of how to take the plaster mold off completely. It was challenging because my mold has this overlay structures, and It’s impossible to take the mold off without breaking it in a way. As a result, after talking with friends and professor, I took the idea that cut my mold in the middle to take them off. And later, I used more plaster to construct it back together. During this project, I learned not only how to work with plaster, but I also learned how to do artwork for others meanwhile show a part of who I am within it. Doing so is tricky. One specific helpful critique from my group mates was the face on top of my mask was a little bit too flat, it was lack of an eye-catching point. It was helpful because I also agreed with it, but I was lack of confidence to do such a change. Therefore, after hearing that they shared the same opinion as me, I gained the courage to do more graffiti on it. Even though it was just a line of white dots, it still successfully flavors up the face on top. Meanwhile, it doesn’t steal the limelight of the beak beneath.


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