Final Draft for Proj3: Monu-Mentality

We are in the era of information, internet, and social media. Without a doubt, it makes our lives more convenience than ever, and it grants us more freedom in a way. However, base on that, a new kind of negative phenomenon starts to spread through the internal–Internet trolls. People begin to, only, focus on express their freedom of speech, and gradually begin to forget the fact that words can hurt. As a result, I want to build a monument on Time Square that called “ INTERNET.” I choose Time Square as the location of my monument because it’s one of the places on earth that people frequently use all sorts of social media to do posting and commenting. I want to remind the public that no matter what kind of comment you are posting, you are not just posting it online, you are delivering your malevolence or kindness directly to a human being that has real feelings through their experience of walking past the monument.

I use the mirror as the material and leave a wide gap on my wall intentionally. Therefore, when people walk past it and see the appearance or behavior of the other person on the other side of the wall, they will realize that once put the scene of the internet into our real world, it’s not interesting to judge others anymore. Meanwhile, they will experience the insecurity of exposing their identities to, ideally, the victim across the internet. I sincerely wish after walking past my monument, the feeling of awkward, embarrassment, or even shame will enlighten people’s awareness of the power that words have. Comments can not only inspire one to be his/her best, but they can also easily tear one person apart.

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