In this project, we are asked to create a mask for our partner that can represent some of their characteristics. During the interview, I told her I view this world differently than others. I like to discover the truth of our existence, the meaning of our life. However, the pathetic conclusion of we are all in a way; unnecessary being is like a black hole, which drove me to the darkness. Therefore, Irene tried to create a mask that captures the way I think the world. She chose to use the concept of the universe to deliver the idea that I think things from a macro perspective. The mask itself looks like a telescope. It hints the urge of me to explore the truth of lives and the universe. Also, looking back into the mask, the fact that it is being painted as the universe also demonstrates the idea. On top, Irene use paper and plaster created a spacial structure( universe) on top, on the one hand, it emphasizes the concept one more time, on the other hand, it points out there are different perspectives of the universe, as well as the truth.
Having a mask made for me makes me feel flattered. I felt this way because it’s not easy to do so. In order to do so, Irene had to have a real conversation with me and had to get to know me. The minute I saw the mask, I was surprised. I was so happy about the idea she came up with; it fits my taste. It made me feel like she really listens to what I said, and this mask which she poured her heart and hard work into, was indeed, design for me.

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