Risograph Printing

In this project, we were asked to create a risograph printing from one of the photo we took. I chose the one which I was standing on the edge of a platform and holding my mask toward the camera. First I opened the photo in photoshop, then I went to image, adjustment, and then pressed invert to create the invert vision of my picture. I think the photoshop part is the easiest part of the whole assignment because we have been working with photoshop throughout the entire semester, plus it’s an easy step to do. While the most challenging part, without a doubt, it was the printing itself. It took me 3 hrs to print it out not because I did something wrong, but the machine itself was hard to work with. It kept jam paper in it when I was trying to print two colors. However, it worked fine when I was printing a single color. Therefore, because of the technique issue of the machine itself, it took me 3 hrs to print the final one out. Interestingly, the part I liked most during the process was when I print my image in a single color. How the picture looked differently as the color changed as well as the image was the invert vision (or not), made the image looked sublime to me.

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