Bridge 4 – Project Proposal

What stereotype do you want to critique, dismantle or provide a new perspective/point of view on?

For now, I have two directions for my final project. The first idea is that I want to focus only on the term-stereotype. Instead of sending the message of what stereotype is wrong, I’d look to enforce the fact that there is no such thing as the stereotype when it comes to human or says humanity. Each individual is a unique combination of one’s physical form, one’s experiences, and one’s mind. Therefore, I want to make a cloth’s collage( use swatches from different clothes to create new pieces out of it) to show the complexity of one’s experience and the complexity of the human. In addition to that, I will use a paint called ” black 2.0″ to dye the fabric.

My second direction is that I want to critique the fact that parts of the world still believe that is a shame to the woman who experiences the sexual pleasure, or the one who admits her has it. Women like this could be easily described and labeled by the public as a whore. No matter in what kind of society, men have never been judged because they admit they enjoy sex, but this is still a forbidden topic for tons of women out there.


Who are you inspired by?

For my first idea, I am not specifically inspired by anyone. But Stuart Semple does inspire me of what material I could use. The black 2.0 he created to against Anish Kapoor is the blackest, the most matte black paint on the market, which perfectly links me to the complexity of humans. If everybody could be aware of the fact that we can’t see through each other, we can’t even see through ourselves. Then I believe the term of stereotype will go forever. PS: I support Stuart Semple’s point, it’s an interesting idea that Anish Kapoor thinks it’s right to claim a paint belongs to, and allow to use by him only.

Rebecca Lolosolo inspires my second idea. Women in Kenya, not only being treat as the animal, they all suffer from the horrible custom FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) just because of the tradition in Kenya believes that woman’s private part stands for dirtiness, whoreness, and unsuit for marriage so that it needs to be removed. Rebecca Lolosolo is the founder of Umoja(English transfers as Unity.) After she has been through FGM, force to marriage to an old man, domestic violence, and being raped by the English troops, she didn’t give up her life. Instead, she chooses to stand up and build this utopia of the female in Kenya. Now, more and more women successfully escape from the hell, and the first thing they do after they earn money is to build schools and hire good teachers in the Umoja.


What’s the message you want to convey/share with your audience?

First idea:
The stereotype is a phenomenon that people take one bad feature of a person and imply that to the whole group of them. Therefore, If by looking at the appearance of one, and they can’t pick up any feature of it, maybe they will realize the blackness they are witting right now, it’s what’s inside a person. It can’t be seen through; it can’t be summary, and it can’t be labeled.

For the second direction, I simply want to convey my audience that it’s nothing to be a shame of for women if we admit the fact that we are sexual pleasure. God designs female body this way for a reason. For the reason that we can sense it.



In the proposal, make sure to tell us what kind of material/medium you are planning on using: photography, video, collage, painting, performance art, sculpture…etc. Be as specific as possible.

The first one will be a piece of garment.
The second one will be a sculpture ish….I’m still thinking about it.



Who is your audience: who are you thinking will look at your final project?
Is it someone in an art gallery or museum?

My ideal audience will be people in the museum. For both of my ideas so far, they won’t have the same impact as it is in the museum if it’s street art. In the museum, people can really take time to look at it and think of it.

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