Practicing Visual Research – Part I of Bridge 4

1.What is the stereotype you are critiquing?

I want to critic the term “ Sick man of Asia,” the fact that not only western countries used to insist that Asian was weaker than them, ironically, the huge impact WWR II has in China actually conveys Chinese who doesn’t have high education believe in the idea that this is true. It’s a certain thing that Asian will be races in other countries because we genetically weaker than both black and white people. Stereotype is a thing that exist. Certain bad impressions that western has towards China also exist. However, the most irony part is that even Chinese believe that those bad part is inhabit in Chinese, it’s a part of who we actually are.

2. what are you saying about the stereotype you are disrupting? What is the message you want the viewer to understand?

Just like I mentioned, it doesn’t bother me that, indeed, our bone structure is naturally more delicate than other races. First of all, I don’t see it as a sign that saying we are weaker. Second, I understand and forgive the western who still believe in this outdate stereotype. But the part that disrupting me is that even Chinese in nowadays, still believe we are naturally weaker. It’s so scary for me to realize that they are not intentionally make this assumption, this concept has deeply rooted in their subconscious. I realized this scary signal from the last spring festival I spend with my relatives. All of them came from hometown to see me. And when they asked this question and answered it by themselves so naturally “ Are you being bullied in western cause you are tiny and small and you are a Chinese?” “of course she did.” Another relatives answered and all of them nodding their heads cause this was the answer they expected no matter how hard I tried to explain that I never experience it, and I often get advantage of something because I’m a female. Rule of lady’s first. However, most of the Chinese still have the idea that genetically difference means we have more flaws, we are lesser than White and black people.

On one hand, Chinese always proud of our KungFu even though only Bruce Lee is really make it to the international level, plus the fact that most of us don’t know how to KungFu. But Chinese see it as a signal that we are strong. On the other hand, parts of Chinese who live in mainland nowadays, deep down, subconsciously believe the idea that we are still the sick man of Asia.

Therefore, I want to do a meme that combines the symbol of KungFu and the idea of sick man together, to show they how can they not see this is the biggest joke on earth.

3. image: creating visual punch! What is the image that the text will overlay on top of to create your final message?

I’m a huge fan for Spongebob. Therefore,once I cleared my mind of what I want to do, I remember there is a episode of Spongebob that he is learning how to play karate from Sandy, but he is too weak to do it despite how passion he is about to do it, and how certain he claims himself the master of karate. As a result, I went online to find that specific image I want. In this image, Spongebob stands for Chinese cause he is yellow. Karate is the symbol of KungFu. And his waving arms show the weakness.


links to articles and definition that support your meme statement (point of view or argument)

My experience, plus the comment online I saw in chinese everyday. I can’t really find article about it because Chinese will never admit it to western press. They only defame Chinese when they are speaking to other Chinese. How ironic???

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