Sarah Lucas at the New Museum – visual research

Sara Lucas exhibition is an exhibition about stereotypes towards the female, and it mainly focuses on male gazes. She is an expert at implying the fact of how male objectifying female by using daily objects and scenes in everyday life. By implying that fact that woman is no different than a piece of furniture, she successfully delivers the message of how male treat female as an object, and that is the biggest stereotype she wants to imply.

Sara Lucas artwork that surprised me the most was that how she used simple elements in daily and be able to create artworks that have strong visual impact and be able to deliver her message directly and clearly. It surprised me because I know it’s no easy to balance those things while making the artwork interesting to look at. My favorite Sara Lucas artwork was “Mumun,2012.” It was my favorite because she certainly implies her message to the extreme. A swing chair that constructed by breasts not only put the content of objectifying female to the extreme but also, a swing chair which usually means for relaxation hints another message that male treats female as fun, as relaxation, as easily replaceable, instead of a two-adults equal relationship. From the museum trip, I learned that it’s okay to make the artwork aggressive and to jump out of the boundary. If one wants to deliver a message, make it extreme, make it able to speak for itself.

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