Bridge 4 – Projet Prototypes

Base on the specialty of my project, instead of doing prototypes for my final, I actually start with doing my final piece. The basic structure of my work is a suit which has been reconstructed by me. I believe this part is successful because it is well balanced right now. It breaks free from the traditional idea of how a suit should be which can be seen as a hint of breaking free from ‘stereotypes,” and the color tone right now is only black and grey. The simplicity of the base will be substantial support for more elements of identity and stereotypes which I will add on top later. I learned that most of my work needs to be hand sewing cause the machine can’t do the job for me. And I will then designing elements that go on top of my suit and will test what will be the perfect arrangement for my work.

Besides that, I have made some elements, and I believe so far, all of them look successful to me. The first type I made is a pair of breasts by using tights, swatches, hot glue, and size tag. The reasons I believe they are successful are because they do indicate the shape of the breast, and they contain the message of the male gaze, certain stereotypes, and races. Besides that, I did two types of fabric layering. They are successful because of both of them fulfill the job of indicating colorful, complicity, and the depth of human being inside. But one looks more spontaneous while another one looks more concrete. And I learn that I need to think before making. Because all of them I have to do in the right order, or else I will have to tear it apart at some point and make it again in order to make it right. And I will continue to develop elements to enrich my work.

As I mentioned before, I’ve started doing my final work. My supplies mainly are old clothes, and tights. It will be a static exhibition ideally that the cloth will be put in a mannequin, and right next to it will be the photograph of how it will appear on an actual human being. But if necessary, I can wear it and display it to the audience.

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