‘LOVE YOUR GARBAGE’ sustainable system


I noticed that there are certainly a large amount of plastic. I never really realize how plastic has changed our life, changed the way we live, and changed our environment. By doing consciously collecting garbages for three days, I was shocked by the frequency of the existence of plastic.

Besides that, I notice that I drink a lot coffee frappuccino from Starbucks. It’s easy to wash and collect them, but since the cup is made out of plastic, it must not easy to be recycle.

Before doing this, I never have a hard time to throw away garbage. But gathering three days’ garbage make the throwing process become quite difficult. I’m even feeling a little bit shamed by myself by the amount of garbages I created in three days.

My inspiration of this art work comes from the minute I noticed that most of my garbage are plastic. By looking at those plastic, it instantly reminds me of the news I saw about how plastic has damaged the lives of marine animals, and I sincerely start to feel guilt about it for the first time. Before this activity, I mostly felt pity for them, I was standing on the moral highland and think it’s a issues that the whole human race need to take responsible for, I didn’t really related the pollution to my behaviour. However, after seeing the fact that most of my garbage are plastic, I created this artwork-“The ocean” to apply how serious the ocean and marine life have been hurt and damages because of the way we consume, and to remind me of how serious damage can be done to the planet by one single person easily.

One joke I put into this work is that the ocean is made by resin(I use the resin leftover from my another project), and as we all know resin is toxic and actually harm to our environment. Therefore, by using resin as the ocean, it implies the idea that plastic release toxic elements into the ocean, and even though it’s invisible, but the whole ocean, the water has been polluted, and become deadly dangerous.

And the piece I took to class is actually unfinished.

The outside frame is suppose to be ripped off.

And here is the finished look photography to here.


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