Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space Field Trip #sustainable system

After visiting the Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space, I am not only impressed by how they use various methods to be sustainable in the garden, I’m even more surprised to know the history of how activists has change the city by their actions.

I took photos during the tour. The first picture is the solar panel, the second image is how they achieve yard green waste compose, the third one is the bee house, the fourth one is the green house, the fifth one is some interesting documentary of some events and historical moment in the past decades, and the next picture is a bicycle that can produce power to charge electronic device by pedalling, next is the rain water recycle system, the following is a interesting picture. The next one is my favourite, I was amazed by how they use nature system to purify water. And the last picture is the video we saw about the history of the activists and the history of the museum of reclaimed urban space. As I mentioned before, I would never know how citizens’ will and action can actually shape the development of a city. And I feel fascinated that this is a museum which ran by volunteer solely.

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