What is the Green New Deal and who would it benefit society #sustainable system

After reading this article, somehow I think that this is a great proposal but it’s quiet vague. We all aware of who much trouble we are in as well as how many crisis we are facing without reading this article or the “Green New Deal.” As a result, without having the ability of able to develop more high tech skills or tools, from 15% to 45% in 10 years? I highly doubted. Not even mention that in this proposal, basically it’s saying what an utopia we will be lived in in the future, and how many crisis we need to solve now in order to live in an utopia, but it doesn’t even have one single clear solution to one single crisis. All they have are some vague slogans.

I do know their starting point is good, actually, the concept and goal of the proposal is good. It just as long as the mankind still bond the idea of protecting our home, protecting ourselves with polities, money, and profit, all these goals they are setting are not gonna come true.

Sometimes I just couldn’t help but thinking that is it human kind is really that ignorance, self-centredness, short-wit, and lack of group-consciousness that they have to, and willing to, wait to make every mission possible into impossible.


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