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Artist Statement


In this project, I’ve recreated an iconic “garment,” which is pumps through a craft skill—Ceramic. I’ve always been attracted by the simple shape of pumps and the elegance vibe it presents. As a result, I believe the touch and texture of ceramic can vividly present the elegance and the sense of delicateness of the pumps.


During the making process, I mostly used the method of hand building, which is a combination of coil, carving, pounding, and squishing, in order to create a pair of lifelike pumps. Besides, I used the technique called slab construction, which is roll out flat, moist pieces of clay, and then cut each individual piece into shapes and connect them into the shape of pumps. After the clay dried, I bisque fired it, glazed it, and then fired it again, and received my final piece.


By presenting this pair of pumps, I hope the public can, instead of ignoring the value of the things we have right now, and pursuing new stuff daily. They can re-see the preciousness and delicateness of the “garments” we’ve already owned, and start to treasure them once again.


Problems that occurred during the making process:

1. The clay was too soft, and the soles became too weak to support itself.

Solution: I added sponges underneath the middle of the soles, and I waited the clay became dryer before I add new clay to it.

2. The glaze turns out to be uneven, which is a situation I never think of.

3. I was unprepared for the shrinking of clay after it’s been fired. As a result, this pair of pumps supposed to be wearable, but it turns out to be too small to wear.


Final look:

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