What’s in the box #Product, Promotion& Packaging


Above are basically what my thought and what I’ve present during the class.

However, since I don’t want my package to be just a box that contains my product—Ipen. I want the package can actually interact, support, and optimize the product itself.

As a result, I first start to analyzing what are the things I would like to approve for the ipen.

Basically, the biggest flaw that open has is easy to lose. From two aspect:

1. Cannot carry around. 2. Hard to notice where it is.

Therefore, I want my package to be a container of the Ipen which can make it easy to notice when it’s on a desk. Second, I want it to be portable, so one can carry it around easily.

Last but not least, I think the high-lined of my design is that the typography is very playful, when one twists around the upper part and bottom part of the package, it actually creates the new key word that describe the product. And the key words begin from the most specific term to the most abstract term. Such as Digital-note, to Digital-Era.

In order to achieve this effect, by thinking of different ways to attach the two parts of the package, I end up with using magnet, which can also interact with the product amazingly that it gives the Ipen a pull and a support that fulfil my need of making it noticeable on a display.

Besides these, in order to make it become portable (given it a second use and become sustainable), I embedded 2 small magnet on the upper part of the package and leave some space for a hook. This idea successfully make this product become sustainable.



This video is a demonstration of how it the final works.


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