Becoming Nonhuman/Designing Nonhuman–Sutton Place Park South #sustainable system

Sutton Place Park South


-no animal 

-children’s playground

Object-a statue 

The Sutton Place Park South is a small park right next to my home. After visiting the park twice–One is in the morning and one is in the afternoon, I noticed that lots of moms bring their children to this park even it’s really small.

And due to the size of the park, children have no place to play except play with the statue and use charcoal to doodling on it.


The only function I see in this park is let some moms to spend the afternoon time with their children in a park.

As a result, from the position of the statue, I will suggest put a fence around the statue so that the children can’t doodling on it. Besides, base on the fact that there is barely any animal live here due to the location–it’s right next to the FDR drive. Therefore, I will suggest cutting down one or couples of trees to clear a space so that it can fit a children’s playground in it.

So that the end result will be, the moms and the children will still have a place to spend their afternoon, and the statue can be itself and not being disturbed by the children.



It’s importance that we stand on their perspective to view the world, to see how the infrastructure is interact with them.

I think one important thing we need to do is to do research about what people actually do in a park after it’s been built. Lots of time people do activities in a park that are out of the park intention. As a result, the design of the park might become unreasonable when there are human activities involved. As a result, I think redesign the park after it’s being built is quite important. 


What does it mean to design for the non-human? 

My interpretation of this is very simple and straight forward. I believe that doing design for the non-human is actually doing better design for us.

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