Light my Fire #Product, Promotion & Packaging

In this project, each individual was assigned to a different restaurant and being requested to design one or a series matchbook or matchbox for the place.

The requirement states that we have to take at least 12 images from the restaurant and the professor will help us narrow down to the final 4 to 6 images to do the design. Each design requires to have elements from all 4 to 6 images.

The restaurant I was assigned to is called Nai Tapas, a spain restaurant.

And after class discussion, my final 6 images for design are:

Therefore, I first extracted elements from each image and did those illustration:


Here are my initial 4 designs:

After the discussion, classmates voted for the idea 3 and 4.

However, due to my personal bias for the first idea– the clean finish of it and I believe it best represent Nai tapas based on my visited, I build it out as well and create a pop-up version of it.

And here are the final series:

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