Project 3 – Masquerade


During the research, I was mostly looking for asian internationally famous artists. I was started with Yayoi Kusuma who is too famous and recognizable so that I wasn’t allow to use anymore. As a result, I switched my artist to Cai Guoqiang. And the designer I first picked was Givenchy because I wanted to create that classic look. However, since I switched my artist to a male, I changed my designer to Alexander Mcqueen.

And here are the images I find for this project:



Since this project is very makeup and photoshop based to me. For the Yayoi Kusuma one, I first put makeup on my face and put a orange wig. Then I used photoshop to do some adjustment and finished the layout.

And then since this idea was being rejected, I started to work on my Cai Guoqiang’s one.

I also did makeup on my face and took pictures of it under the same lighting, and then I used the stamp tool to photoshop my face on his face. And I started to play with all the elements I have chosen and have done several iteration until I have one that I’m satisfied with it.

Final Photo

And here is the digital version of my final work. I printed my work on a 27*36 inches glossy paper because I want the quality of glossiness to make it looks more professional.

How it looks on the wall:


Artist’s statement

In this project, we are asked to create a work that shows collaboration between an artist and a designer. We can either be the artist and dressed by the designer we choose or be the designer and be portraited by the artist. To show the spirit of collaboration, I decided to be an Asian artist.

At first, the designer and artist I have chosen were Yayoi Kusuma and Givenchy. However, since Yayoi Kusuma is too recognizable, I changed my artist to Cai Guo-Qiang, a Chinese artist who is famous for his firework. And I choose Alexander McQueen to be the designer cause I believe this will be an exciting collaboration.

I use the portrait of Cai Guo-Qiang and photoshop my face on it. I choose the sky ladder as the background is because that’s his most iconic work. The smoke I added to the images is to enhance the idea that he is a firework artist. And for the butterflies, skulls, and earring I added to the images are all classic elements of Alexander McQueen. I believe this art piece successfully deliver the idea of collaboration.


Class feedback:

Here are some quotes from the classmates:

–“I love the photoshop effect you did to look like a man. The collaboration between Alexander McQueen, although subtle, very effective.

–“I really like you printed the image so large on a glossy paper. It made me appreciated the details in it as well as the vivid color.”

–“Why this is so real, so good. Love the background.”

–“The quality of this piece is truly amazing. The resolution, the colors, and the design is top notch.”

–“One suggestion, soften the edges between layers, it looks too shape.”

–“This is insane, I love how you completely transformed yourself.”

–“I love how the artist is very dark and black but the background stands out.”

–“I can see how the butterflies resemble McQueen, what I think could be done is to lower the color on the background cause its taking my focus off the subject.”

–“Incredible work! Love it!”


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