Homeless living beneath Hudson Yards welcome the new development #Sustainable system

The living condition of homeless in NYC has caught my attention since I moved here. Everyday, when I am walking on the street, I see homeless sleeping in a corner with a thin blanket. Most of them like to use blanket to cover up their whole body and face which makes me hard to tel whether they are still alive or not especially during the winter time.

As a result, a certain degree of me feel glad that Hudson Yards actually benefit the homeless because the larger the population is, the more money homeless can get in a day.

I feel like in general, the homelessness is a issue that hard to solve. Providing food and shelters to them won’t be the cure for homelessness. Giving them the education or training is what can actually help them change their lives, however the difficulty is huge.

In a way, homeless and Hudson Yards together give me a strong sense of irony, of how the gap between the wealthy and the poor is enormous in NY and in our world.

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