If we care about plastic waste, why won’t we stop drinking bottled water? #sustainable system

After reading this article, I feel strongly related to the topic. In my daily, I have observe two types of people when it comes to water. The first type is people like me, who believe tap water is just as fine as the bottle water, we trust the government that they can assure the water we are drinking is safe. Another type is people like my roommate’s family. Her whole family includes she only drinks bottle water, because they think tape water is not clean enough to drink, it contains lots of bacteria.


Therefore, I believe in order to address the core issues about plastic bottle for water, there are two things need to do. First is to increase the credibility of government, is to let citizen’s believe tap water is as clean as bottle water. Another thing is as the article mention, to add more water fountains for people in the street. As a result, when one is thirsty, they won’t go to a store to buy a bottle of water, instead they will drink the water from the water fountains since it’s clean and free.

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