Your questions about food and climate change answered #sustainable system

After reading this article, I believe that the most effective way to reduce emission on food is to increase the efficiency of producing food. Because it’s inevitable that producing food will produce green house gases, also people cannot survived without food. And it’s also impractical to change everyone’s diet. For example, in China, people are use to having a balance diet, meat has to stir fry with vegetable, we share food and etc. And these are the things American aren’t really doing. As a result, Chinese tends to have a more healthy diet in general.

Besides, Food in india is different from the US, food in Japan is different from india etc. Therefore, instead of pursue people to change their diet and become vegan, it’s more practical to change the problem from it’s root.

Last but not least, if we are able to establishing a more efficiency way to produce our food, from red meat to seafood to plants and diary, we will be able to benefit and take care of more people when the population grow.

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