Time Project 3–Lemonade/Tear

In this project, I want to create a video essay to tell a story between my cat-Bubble and me, and how it delivers an idea I personally deeply believe–People’s sorrows and joys are never connected.

I use the contrast between how my world collapsed but people are still having their regular lives to show this philosophy.

The writing I used in the video is from a famous Chinese writer–Xun Lu. “楼下一个男人病得要死, 那间壁的一家唱着留声机;对面是弄孩子。楼上有两人狂笑;还有打牌声。河中的船上有女人哭着她死去的母亲。 人类的悲欢并不想通,我只觉得他们吵闹。”

I translated the writing into English as my inspiral text.

Here is the video:

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