Project 04–Design That Tune #Product promotion and packaging

In this project, my partner and I are creating a special promotional package for your assigned artist, celebrating the re-release of one special song. And our song is ‘ Award tour ‘ from A Tribe Called Quest. Packaging need to include a CD-single sleeve packaging and CD face artwork, 18X24 in. folding poster, promo packaging t-shirt graphics . Additional items are encouraged for the project. These four pieces will be designed for the record label Audible Recordings, and must utilize provided logo, text, barcode, band/artist name and track name. Any logos, imagery or graphics associated with your band/artist are not allowed to use.

Here are we inspirational images.

Here is my original design:

Idea one is more closed to the band’s own album design. While idea two is more about my personal feeling after hearing the song, I chose to use a more contemporary style to approach.

The classroom prefer the first idea, and as a result, the following weeks Vella and I were working on how to collaborated my work and hers to make each items look cohesive.

Here is my third weeks render:

Vella was mostly in charged of rendering our designs(poster, CD face, CD sleeve, and T-shirt).

And I was in charged of the packaging design and construction of them.

Meanwhile, we kept in closed contact with each other to check in the progress, give advices, and communicate our thoughts.

Here is the Packaging idea:

Here is the design final:

And here is our final outcome:


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