Route to Self Final


For the Route to Self project I was assigned to create a way-finding system for myself through

semiotics. The required pieces of this project were an installation that used my icons, symbols,

or indexes that guided you through who I am as a person and a video to go along with and

interact with it. I chose to use Icons to represent myself because I have always used illustrator

to design super complex images but have always wanted to explore the making of icons

because of their simplicity and minimalism. Once I started making the icons it came very easy

to me. I just thought of the idea I wanted to represent then tried to simplify it to its basic

pieces and then represented that as a simple image. I enjoyed doing this because it showed me

that I could possibly do this same thing for an actual event or company that needed symbols or

icons. I struggled more with the video portion of this project because I originally had no idea

how I could represent my icons and personality in a video. I finally decided to try my hand at

making an abstract “art film” type video. I wanted to play with how I could disrupt people’s

perception of time or just surprise them with unexpected shots or editing techniques. I am not

sure how successful I was at doing these things but I did enjoy making an unconventional video.

I think I utilized the movement image. I used a lot of montage type editing I even learned a

few things in premiere. To bring these things together I created a cylinder inside of which had

my Icons representing what is in my brain or inside of me as a person. I then projected the

video on the outside of the cylinder which was cool because it added to the distortion and

abstraction of the video. I think my concept was successful but I could have executed it better.

My cylinder was more amoeba shaped than circular and my video could have used some color

correction to make the shots look more unified and I could have added more shots There was

only white noise and a few small sounds in my video, i think that I used them as reduced

listening. Overall though, I am happy with what came out because I took a semi-ambitious idea

and brought it to life.


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